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SAP HCM: 1. SAP HCM Authorization: 2. SAP HCM Reporting: 3. SAP End User Training role: 4. SAP Internal Testing role: 5. SAP HCM Configuration role: 6. SAP Business Blueprint (AS-IS) role: 7. SAP HCM Training Instructor role: SAP BIW: 1. Responsible for creating own infoArea and respective infoObject Catalogs. 2. Exposure to SAP BI 3.0B, SAP BI 3.5 & SAP BI 7.0. 3. Assigned to create back-end configuration i.e. creating infoObjects to infoCube for the assigned process.

Desired Positions

Implementation Consultant

Work Preferences

Desired Salary
40,000 - 100,000 per year  
2 Weeks  
Desired Job Type
Any Type  
Can Travel for Work
Highest Education Level
Masters Degree  
Current Location
Will Consider Relocation to;
United Kingdom
Residency / Visa
Authorized to work in this location

Skills and Experience

Category Yrs. Exp. Until
SAP R/3 and mySAP BW - Information Warehouse Business Content 1 2006  
    Business Explorer 1 2006  
    Business Explorer End User Technology 1 2006  
    OLAP Technology 1 2006  
    Warehouse Management 1 2006  
  PA - Personnel Management Organizational Plan 1 2007  
    Personnel Administration 1 2007  
    Personnel Development 1 2007  
    Recruitment 1 2007  
  PT - Personnel Time Management Information System/Reporting 1 2007  
    Integration with other Applications 1 2007  
    Shift Planning 1 2007  
    Time Data Recording and Management 1 2007  
    Time Evaluation 1 2007  
    Tools 1 2007  
    Work Schedule 1 2007  
  PY - Payroll Accounting Payroll General Parts 1 2007  

Employment History

Job Title
SAP HCM Consultant
Computing - Consulting / Professional Services
03/2007 to Current
15/03/2006 – on going: Siemens IT Services (ITS)              

Pakistan Telecom: SAP Implementation Project for SAP (HCM module)- SAP ECC 6.0


  • SAP HCM Authorization:
  • Testing end user against roles assigned.
  • Liaising with SAP Basis team for error resolution in authorizations.
  • Structural Authorizations.
  • SAP HCM Reporting:
  • Developing SAP Queries based on client’s requirements.
  • Developing Ad Hoc Queries for client upon request.
  • SAP End User Training role:
  • Training End User on SAP front end using SAP iTutor and conducting live class room training sessions.
  • Preparing user training material using SAP iTutor and exporting to MS Word.
  • SAP Internal Testing role:
  • Testing SAP test scripts.
  • Testing SAP Payroll & SAP Time configuration as per BPP requirements.
  • Testing transport request.
  • Preparing & transporting SAP transport requests for QA & Production system.
  • SAP HCM Configuration role:
  • Configuration of Time Management (Negative TM):

                                                              i.      Creating & generating break schedule, work schedule, DWS, PWS, Time Quota etc.

  • Configuration of SAP Payroll:

                                                              i.      Creating Wage types for Additional Payments, Recurring Payments and deductions and Basic Pays.

                                                            ii.      Creating Pay Slips using SAP Forms (PE51).

                                                          iii.      Assignment of BAdIs to wage types, for final settlement and annual increments.

                                                          iv.      Maintenance of Payroll Tables using views in SM30.

  • Configuration of Final Settlement for employees (Closing Procedures).
  • Configuration of Global Settings:

                                                              i.      Configuration of payroll area, payroll period etc. and Personnel Area, Personnel Sub-Area, Employee grouping, Employee sub-grouping etc.

                                                            ii.      Setting up time management groupings.

  • Configuration of Personnel Administration:

                                                              i.      Setting up employee transfers.

                                                            ii.      Setting up employee promotion.

                                                          iii.      Configuration of SAP infotypes for PA.


  • SAP Business Blueprint (AS-IS) role:
  • Holding meetings with process owners to depict the AS-IS processes at PTCL.
  • Defining AS-IS processes in flow charts with respect to actors performing the activities. Actor based swim lanes are used to identify the authorization levels at the later stage.
  • Editing processes for audit/quality check/review to ensure they meet the standards set.
  • SAP HCM Training Instructor role:
  • Conducting SAP Academy training at Siemens ITS.
  • Deliver concepts of SAP HCM coupled with practical exercises and work experience.
  • Conducting end user trainings on a “Train the Trainer” basis.

Job Title
ERP Labs - Wembly Point (London) UK
Computing - Consulting / Professional Services
02/2006 to 06/2006

06/02/2006 – 10/06/2006: ERP Labs (UK)-(SAP BW Training and Support)

 Part of training team for ERP Labs (UK).

1.         Responsible for creating own infoArea and respective infoObject Catalogs.

2.         Exposure to SAP BI 3.0B, SAP BI 3.5 & SAP BI 7.0.

3.         Assigned to create back-end configuration i.e. creating infoObjects to infoCube     for the assigned process.

4.         Created a maximum of 60 different infoObjects with additional attributes.

5.         Creating basic Transfer Routines for data transformtion during load, using ABAP.

8.         Flat (ODS) & Multi-dimensional (InfoCube) reporting from InfoProviders.

9.         Creating and maintaining Aggregates.

10.       Creating Web Reporting Templates.

11.       Managing, copying and administering data in Data Targets.

12.       Managing warehouse maintenance.

13.       Reporting; Defining global reports using BEx Analyzer and Query Designer.

14.       Reporting: Defining web reports using Web Application Designer


Completed Institution Degree / Qualification
1998 University of Hull MBA Financial Mgt  
1996 University of Wales P.G. Diploma in Business Admin  
1992 University of Punjab BSc.  

Work Related Training & Certification

Completed Institution Training / Certification
2006 SAP AG SAP BI 3.0B  
2006 Siemens SAP Academy SAP HCM